Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Map of Europe's 100 Nations

I've recieved an e-mail from Eurominority advertising their new Map of Europe which shows every nation rather than every state. Only €10, bargain.

Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Language Act, what Language Act?

From the Daily Post
It's as though the ineffectivness of the 1993 Welsh Language Act is becoming more and more apparent every day. The latest is the central government's Department of Media, Culture and Sport's (DCMS) reluctance in providing the new Licensing form in Welsh. Their reasoning is like something you'd from beyond Lord Tonypandy's grave:
But there are practical issues. For example it has to be available for anybody to read. How could a person who can only speak English read them in Welsh?

Fair play to publicans like John Les Tomos, of The Royal Oak Yr Hendre, near Mold and a community owned pub in Llanuwchlyn who are refusing to complete a form in English.

Friday, June 10, 2005

British Football team

From the BBC website
Wales mindful of GB football team

Wales have given a guarded response to British Olympic officials' plans to field a combined British football team if the 2012 Games are held in London.

The FA of Wales says its position is closer to that of Scotland, who fear a British team could lose the "national identity" of the home nations.

FAW secretary general David Collins said: "We would obviously wish to protect the four British positions.

"We will cross that bridge if London or Paris' Olympic bid is successful."

The Welsh, like the Scots, are worried that a British team would threaten the position of the individual home nations within world football.

I have no interest in the Olympics as Wales can't compete in it as a nation, and I'm not particularly interested in athletics either. Football is by far my favorurite sport by a long shot (scored a hatrick last night at five-a-side + an own goal), and this idea of a British team does worry me a little bit even if it's it's only only for one tournament.

I've just thought, why is Northern Ireland part of a GB team? Technically Northen Ireland is part of the United Kingdom. obviously Wales can't compete untill she's free, but shouldn't a team that consists os Wales, Scotland, England and Northern Ireland be called 'Team UK' rather than 'Team GB'?. Talk about confusing!

Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Welsh Crazy Frog gets Jamster jumpy

Thanks to Rhodri for this

Taken from the Daily Post

Crazy Frog spawns Welsh rival

....A Welsh-language version of the ringtone appeared on the internet last week and was quickly snapped up by Welsh mobile users.

But the Welsh frog has a slightly filthier mouth than his English counterpart and speaks in a distinct Caernarfon accent.

Last night the Welsh frog's creators were warned by the image's owners - leave our frog alone, or else.

You can listen to the Crazy Frog in Welsh here (for now!)

Friday, June 03, 2005

Teachers to be released from the classroom to learn Welsh

From Eurolang.

Teachers in Wales will be able to take three months out of the classroom to learn Welsh, so that they may teach subjects through the medium of Welsh. The National Assembly of Wales announced a £2m pilot scheme to release teachers to improve their skills in the language and therefore increase the number that can teach subjects through the medium of Welsh.