Friday, June 10, 2005

British Football team

From the BBC website
Wales mindful of GB football team

Wales have given a guarded response to British Olympic officials' plans to field a combined British football team if the 2012 Games are held in London.

The FA of Wales says its position is closer to that of Scotland, who fear a British team could lose the "national identity" of the home nations.

FAW secretary general David Collins said: "We would obviously wish to protect the four British positions.

"We will cross that bridge if London or Paris' Olympic bid is successful."

The Welsh, like the Scots, are worried that a British team would threaten the position of the individual home nations within world football.

I have no interest in the Olympics as Wales can't compete in it as a nation, and I'm not particularly interested in athletics either. Football is by far my favorurite sport by a long shot (scored a hatrick last night at five-a-side + an own goal), and this idea of a British team does worry me a little bit even if it's it's only only for one tournament.

I've just thought, why is Northern Ireland part of a GB team? Technically Northen Ireland is part of the United Kingdom. obviously Wales can't compete untill she's free, but shouldn't a team that consists os Wales, Scotland, England and Northern Ireland be called 'Team UK' rather than 'Team GB'?. Talk about confusing!


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