Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Plaid Cymru and SNP on Newsnight 'Blind Date'

Mabon ap Gwynfor (grandson of the late Gwynfor Evans) was on Newsnight last night. There was a light item where parlimenary candidates for 15 different parties took part in a 'speed dating' evening with members of the public. The candidates were not allowed to disclose which parties they represented and they were judged on how they answered questiones asked by members of the London public in each 3 minute slot. Then each person had to decide whether they'd vote for that person or not based on their answeres, and in the end all the votes were added up. When the results were anounced, it didn'y come as a shock to me as a Welsh nationalist, but I thought it was a pity that none of the people present will have the opportunity to vote for a Plaid or an SNP candidate come the 5th of May Ni ddaeth fel sioc felly i genedlaethlwr fel fi pan gyhoeddwyd y

Congratulations Mabon

Friday, April 22, 2005

Gwynfor Evans 1912-2005

I heard the sad news on the radio while I was driving yesterday. Although I'd never met the man, i felt a great loss, and also sadness as i know one of his many grandchildren. Gwynfor Evans was the frist ever Member of Parliment for Plaid Cymru. In the modern age, I doubt if there has been anyone who has done more to raise the awareness among the people about their nation and their own history. It is possible to send ypur tributes to www.gwynfor.net