Tuesday, December 09, 2008

The Cadogan Guide to Ignorance

While at the library one lunch time, I went and had a quick look at the travel section and flicked through Cadogan Guides: Southwest Ireland. This is what it had to say about the Dinlge Peninsula (my emphasis):
...many local people speak Irish among themselves, though you will find that they switch to English when you are around for courtesy's sake.
It's good to know, because nothing spoils a good holiday more than hearing the locals speak amongst themselves in their native language. Sure, they may only be talking about trivial thing OR they could be planning to hit you across the head when you least expect it and steal your ice cream.

The guide's author, Catharina Day apparently comes from "a long-established Irish family," whatever that means. With that sort of world view, I'm guessing the family has been established in Ireland since the 1600's.

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