Thursday, December 17, 2009

Minority Languages and social networks

I'm taking part in exciting event next month called Hacio'r Iaith (Hacking the Language), a sort of BarCamp meets Hack Day with the emphasis being on looking at the use of Welsh on-line and exchanging ideas about potential future use.

There's a wiki for the event (rough translation by Google here)

Traditionally, if that's a word that can be used in this context, anyone who attends a BarCamp is encouraged to give a short presentation. I'm considering giving mine on social networking/web2.0 sites in minority languages, in particular ones that have been created from scratch as opposed to localised versions of other services. I've got e-mail address of a few Basque and Scottish Gaelic speakers that I can interrogate, but I'd like to find out whats happening in other languages, like say Irish, Galician, Breton etc. I found an useful table on the Web2.o article on the Basque Wikipeda which compares popular sites with local variations.

I'd love it if anyone could provided me with something similar for other languages, and if possible with numbers of member/users if applicable.

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