Thursday, June 08, 2006

Is it just me?

I don't care what you say, I've had it up to here (points to chest) with all the England flags in stores and pubs in Wales and billboard adverts telling us to get behind 'our' team. I'm all for the English flying their in England and am surprised at the snobby remarks aimed at patriotic English fans by certian parts of the (English based) media, but why do firms insist on treating customers in Wales as though we're also English?

I'm not suggestig an out right ban on English merchandise as Matalan have imposed on their stores in Scotland, but just treating England gear the same as they would with any other country's stuff. Here's a picture of a sport's shop in Aberystwyth
Anyway, there's now a Flickr Group called Lloegr yng Nghymru 2006 (England in Wales 2006) where you can add your photos of English flags/adverts in Wales.

I get the impression this doesn't happen in Scotland, as one Digbeth takes exceptin to the Mars 'Believe' campaign also being run in Scotland. But Digbeth points out "The Mars thing is notable because it's a clumsy exception". You lucky, lucky bastards! ;-)

Friday, June 02, 2006

Drink and help save Wrexham FC


Despite the good news regarding a new owner for the club, Wrexham Supporters Trust are still keen to raise more money to help the club out with running costs and also to invest in the club to secure influnece as shareholders in the future. Here's a contribution that anyone (over the age of 18 of course!) can make, which is having a drink for the club.

From a press release:
Wrexham Supporters Trust and the Jolly Brewer Microbrewery have combined to produce 2 new beers, one is names "Benno" after the 90's goal machine and the other is names "Tommy" after Wrexhams greatest centre forward Tommy Bamford.
How about asking your local landlord/lady to see if he/she will take a keg or twelve?
The lagers will go on sale around the [Wrexham] area on June 17th. Any pubs wishing to stock them should contact Peni Coles on 01978 261884.

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