Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Anti-Welsh Conspiracy?

There was a very disturbing story on the BBC's website recently about a horse being injured and graffiti being sprayed on the owner's building.

A horse's nose was cut and anti-English graffiti daubed on a stables owned by a Cardiff woman who had moved to a village in west Wales.

Alison Hayes, who was born in the Welsh capital, found her seven-month-old pony with a wound to its nose.

As she helped the animal at her land in Tegryn, near Crymych, Pembrokeshire, she also noticed graffiti written in slang Welsh saying "English out".

This is quite a disturbing story, but it sounds a bit strange. The graffiti message 'Cai Maes Saes' is'nt actually Welsh or Welsh slang, it's jibberish.

There's been quite a lot news stories in Wales about Welsh signs been translated by translation websites, which give out nonsense phrases. Oh, hang on, how about we type, say 'Get out Englishman' into tranexp.com and see what we get. Well well, who'd have thought, it only gives 'Ca i maes Saes'.

The respeced media of Wales can't even agree what it's supposed to actually mean as Hen Ferchetan point's out:
Clearly someone up in Trinity Mirror has realised something is wrong, they just havn't quite put their finger on it. The South Wales Echo would have us believe that it's common slang for "English Out" while icWales disagrees and tells us it's actually very old Welsh for "English Out". The Western Mail disagrees again, telling us that the writing doesn't say "English Out" but "English Out of This Field". Top prize for awful reporting must go to BBC Newyddion Arlein (Welsh BBC News) which actually quotes the graffiti as saying "Sais Mas" (English Out) even though the picture of the actual words used above comes from the BBC!
This hasn't stopped Daily Mail readers and anti-Welsh blogger wonkotsane from having a field day - 'field' day - get it? Thankfully, not all English nationalists are thick as shit.

"Hope loved being around people but now I can't get near her. She is terrified." says Hayes as she stands next to the horse. hmmm