Friday, December 23, 2005

Merry Christmas from Tesco

A colleauge of mine is very proud as her eldest son has just had temporary work at the local Tesco's during the christmas period. He's obviously pleased as this is his first job and he'll have a nice wad to spend in the summer sales.

Unfortunately for their neighbour, who's 20 years old and has been working full time at the same store, she's been told that there's no work for her during the same period, but she will be re-employed again at the end of January. Bastards.

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Wednesday, December 21, 2005


Who said this, and about who?
The [missing word] are contemptuous of Wales and would much rather try to control us with out of touch, right-wing, England-based Secretaries of State.

Have you guessed yet?
A clue for you - it's by a Welsh politician making fun at the split in another party over devolution.

Answer here

Thursday, December 15, 2005

F*ck you FAW

..seems to be the attitiude of WRU owned Millenium Stadium according to this article in the Wales on Sunday.
Millennium Olympic approval
Dec 11 2005
Andy Rose, Wales on Sunday

THE Millennium Stadium will still be used as a venue for the 2012 Olympic Games despite a Welsh boycott of the British football team, writes ANDY ROSE.

Last week the FAW voted to follow the example of the Scottish FA by withdrawing their support for a United Kingdom football team to compete in the London Olympics in seven years time.

The decision was fuelled by concerns that to support the idea would threaten Wales' stand-alone status in world football.

But Millennium Stadium manager Paul Sergeant said: "The organising committee are very keen to play the games here because of the prestigious name of the venue. We have a contract with 2012 to stage eight games here so the FAW's decision is not going to harm it."

It's bad enough that some crack-pot at the English FA gets a crazy idea in his head about a GB team and decides to run with it without actually consulting the other FA's or taking into account the feelings of Welsh, Scottish, Engish and Northen Irish football fans, but it now seems that the WRU owned Millenium Stadium are happy to provide a venue for this team THAT ISN'T GOING TO HAPPEN, and have actually signed a contract with the organising committee! It doesn't seem to have dawned on them that the FAW have to grant permission before any competative matches are played in Wales.

I understand that the WRU are desperate for the money, but this is not going to do any good to the relationship between the FAW and the WRU. The FAW should be able to expect better than this considering they've used the stadium so often since it opened and therefore contributed a lot to WRU coffers. It's quite short sighted of them in fact, because if god forbid Wales were to loose it's national football team (which could happen if there's such a thing as a GB football team for the Olympics) then there's going to be a considerable drop in the stadiums revenue in the long term.

Little Man in Toque has some nice 'Team GB, Fuck NO' posters and plenty of English fans let of steam as well - good stuff!
Wales oppose GB Olympic football (BBC)