Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Protest against Killer-Cola Football Match, Cardiff, 30/5/05

From the 'Wales/Cymru' section of the messageboard (registration required) on Urban75

Protest against Killer-Cola Football Match

Colombia Solidarity Campaign (South Wales Branch) and Cardiff Stop the War Coalition have called for a peaceful protest against a football match sponsored by Coca-Cola being held at Cardiff Millenium Stadium

Boycott Coca-Cola

The final of the Coca-Cola football play-offs will be taking place on Bank Holiday Monday 30 May in Cardiff.

The Colombia Solidarity Campaign and Cardiff Stop the War will be organising a peaceful picket of the match to raise awareness of Coca-Cola's complicity in the assasination of Colombian trade unionists who have called for an international boycott.

We plan to meet at 1.30 pm by the Nye Bevan Statue, Queen Street to walk to the Millenium Stadium with leaflets, placards etc.

For more information e-mail,

More information about the Boycott Coca-Cola campaign can be found at the Colombia Solidarity Campaign website.