Thursday, May 04, 2006

Share photo's and stories from the trip to the Basque Country

There's uncertainty again over whether the basque Country v Wales match will take place on May the 20th as the Spanish leauge has appealed to FIFA to hold all the last fixtures on the same day. But in the meantime I've had an idea!

(Yawn!) Ok Rhys, what is it?
I recently set up a group on Flickr for fans on teh trip to share photos. I'd have liked to go a step further and have a website that concentrated on the trip where people could post their blog posts onto. The idea behind this was a mashup website called SpyBlogak, which was devised by a Basque as it happens to follow a web event at Biblao last month. Sadly I wouldn't know where to start creating such a thing, so I forgot about the idea.

Yesterday, Deiniol blogged about SuprGlu, a DIY mashup site, where you can add feed from your blog, Flick account, bookmarks etc to all appear in one place. It's a bit like BlogCymru in a way as an aggregator, but instead of reading contents from different Welsh blogs, a SuprGlu account displays content from your own sites or selected feeds.

I don't think I'll use this service for use with my blog and Flickr account as I prefer people to visit them individually, but I can see potential for sharing photo's and blog posts about either specific issues or better still about a particular event that a few people would blog about?

Everyone still awake?
I've just set up a Suprglu account for the trip to the Basque Country, which can be seen here:

How does it work exactly?
I'm not the best person to ask, but it uses tags and feed
At the moment, what will appear will be:
Why choose the tag 'galestarrakgara'?
Well it means 'We're Welsh'/'We're from Wales' in Basqu. I admit it's an unfamiliar word, but it's worth choosing an unique word as choosing tags like 'Welsh', 'Cymru' 'Football' or 'I love Robbie Savage' would pick up loads of irrelevant links.

I don't know how to tag/can't be arsed tagging.
Fair enough, but if you can just include the word 'galestarrakgara' somewhere within your blog post when discussing the trip (at the end maybe), then it should still work. Also another Rhys Wynne has devised a handy little programme called the Technorati Tag Generator which makes tagging much easier.

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Anonymous Luistxo - Tagzania said...

Latest news, it's been announced that the match will be May 23, Tuesday.

5/04/2006 2:17 pm  
Blogger Rhys Wynne said...

That's it, I'm not opening any more e-mails from you or letting you post on my blog anymore - you only seem to bring bad news! ;-)

There's no mention this end yet, but doesn't sound good.

5/04/2006 4:54 pm  

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