Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Am I bothered?

It's green bag day today in my part of Cardiff, but you wouldn't think so by seeing how empty the pavements are. The council collect the bags from right outside our doors and there's no need to even seperate the glass, cardboard or tin/cans, just bung them all in the same bag.
Maybe my neighbours are all waste neutral and don't actually have anything to recycle - unfortunatley I now that's not the case as I hear so much glass smashing when the black bags are collected.

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Anonymous Mike said...

We're a bit better in Ponty, quite a few clear recycling bags on the right day.

4/06/2006 9:24 am  
Anonymous Bronchitikat said...

There's generally a better showing in our part of central Portsmouth. Not that the city council seems really all that committed to recycling.

How long have you had the green bag scheme?

4/08/2006 4:10 pm  
Blogger Rhys Wynne said...

It does seem that some Local Authorities (LA's) are better than others. I get the impression that RhCT and Caerffili councils are slightly better than Cardiff. What's strange in Cardiff is that facilities vary from area to area with some parts having to carry their green bags two streets away (what another blogger told me), to other parts having seperate wheelie bins for rubbish, and green waste.

I've only lived in my house for two years, prior to that I lived in various flats and wasn't even aware of the green bags - I'd drive my recycling.

Apart from individuals not taking responsibilty and being bothered recycle, I believe that LA's should deal with their own waste. While going to work I see bin lorries from the Vale of Glamorgan Council going to a site north of Caerphilly (having driven through another LA to get there), worse still rubbish from south east England is taken on a train to the midlands to be burried, but this is nothing compared to Naples where rubbish is shipped to Albania!

If people know there's always going to be somewhere else willing to take our rubbish, it kind of lessens the impetus to deal with the problem.

4/10/2006 12:29 pm  
Blogger Ella Rabaiotti said...

I generally see plenty of green recycling bags out in Swansea, although there are a few people who think that those bags are there to use when they run out of black bags! I once had a behind the scene trip to Swansea's recycling depot (a bit sad I know). They do appear to be working really hard but many people dont make it easy when they put the wrong stuff in their bags. I thought the Week in Week Out programme a while back was good, where it showed people being forced to consider their rubbish and recycle through fortnightly collections. I could talk all day on this...........

5/05/2006 10:04 pm  
Blogger Rhys Wynne said...

I only managed to catch the end of that programme, when they were looking at families in Newport and seeing how they were responding to having fortnightly collections. I gathered one of them wasn't best pleased. :-)

5/08/2006 9:19 am  

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