Monday, April 03, 2006

Multilingual blogging, tagging and mapping

I'm planning to visit Bilbao next month to watch Wales play football aginst a Basque XI side. As I'm too tight to buy a Rough Guide, I've been looking out for stuff to do and places to visit through websites and blogs. As a Welsh speaker I'm naturally interested in the Basque language (Euskara), so anything like festivals or gigs related to the language are things I'm looking for.

While searching, I came across The English Cemetery, a tri-lingual blog (in Basque, Spannish and English) by Luistxo.
The blog concentrates on technical things mainly, which isn't all that usefull for my trip, but there's links to mapping sites (which are useful) and lots to do with software and localization of websites (which although is over my head, is still interesting): A mapping site like Google Earth and Multimap, but with usefull features like a route-planner

Tagzania: social software meets tagging and folksonomies. Mixing Google Maps with the strategy of
This is the fun bit, an open source mapping site, which you can adapt to your own langugae, and which can cope with placenames in more than one language. You can use it to make your own maps like 'Football pitches in Wales' etc. I've started plotting a map showing pubs in Wales reviewed on the PubsCymru blog.
I guess it's similar to what Dafydd has done with the Gigmap but open to plebs like myself to play with.

Tagzania Blog

Bitakora is a blogging service similar to Blogger, but available in Basque, Spanish and English. I think it's still in the testing stage, but if you fancy having a look at how it works and how easy it is, you can open an account here. What's unique about it is that it's tag based.

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