Monday, May 29, 2006

Euskal Herria Part 1: Another 5 minutes of fame

My Basque adventure began before I even left Wales. To coincide with Basque side Biarittz reaching the Heiniken Cup final in Cardiff and the Welsh football team visiting the Basque Country for a friendly, Luistxo Fernandez of Code Syntax wrote an article called Teknofilo euskaldunak eta galestarrak ('Basque and Welsh Technofile' - I think) on, a kind of Basqe language version of Slashdot (it's all about scale as Luistxo keeps reminding me!).

The article compares the development of the Rhithfro (the Welsh speaking internet world - literally means 'Virtual vale/valley') with whats happening in Basque. Among other things such as Cymuned's visit to the Basque Country, the article mentions my Welsh blog and that I helped translate Tagzania into Welsh.

Don't ask me to translate any of it as I don't understand much Basque apart from 'Eskerrik asko', 'Bai' and 'Non daude komunak?' ('Thank you', 'Yes' and 'Where's the toilet?' - thanks BBC), but my ego was nicely massaged and seeing my rather uninspiring Anglicized surname appearing as something exotic like Wynnek cheered me up.


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