Monday, February 11, 2008

Cardiff Web Scene Meetup, 26.2.08

I recently discovered a Facebook group for Cardiff Web Geeks. I liked the sound of what they were about:

Hey there. Cardiff Geeks was recently formed due to the common feeling amongst many passionate geeks in Wales that there was a lack of community between them.

We are comprised of researchers, computer scientists, web professionals and enthusiasts though are open to just about anyone who has an interest in the topics we discuss.

While there's a strong (but very small) on-line community of Welsh speakers, usually referred to as the Rhithfro, there's no obvious Welsh (i.e about Wales) on-line scene, neither social or for business, something I find quite frustrating, but I suppose it's not all that surprising. Hopefully, this will change.

I wasn't sure if Cardiff Geeks was still going, but I received a Facebook invite on the weekend (ok, so there might well be a point to the damn thing after all), to attend the Cardiff Web Scene Meetup at Cafe Floyd on Tuesday the 26th of Feb. Unfortunately I teach Welsh on Tuesday night, but I might pop in afterwards if I'm not too late and tired. Anyone else fancy it?



Blogger Claire said...

Hey there, we're actually planning the third Cardiff Web Scene Meet-Up (which is the same as Cardiff Geeks - we've just changed the name!). It's going to be at 10 Feet Tall on Wednesday 4 June at 6:30pm , you can register at . Might see you there!

5/21/2008 1:07 pm  

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