Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Thats not funny (or true)

I watched Something for the Weekend on Sunday, and Ruth Jones was on it as a guest. She's been on telly a lot recently, but my favorite will always be Linda from Nighty Night. Her character was so funny, especially the way she says 'Thank you' every time she was verbally a physically abused by Jill (don't know if it was supposed to symbolise the Welsh nation in any way!).

I know I'm going to sound over sensitive here, but I was a bit disappointed by her and one of the presenter's (Simon Rimmer) remarks.

Tim Lovejoy asked Ruth if she spoke Welsh, and she replied in Welsh that she did. He then asked her more about the language and I was pleased that it was being discussed on such a program which goes out UK wide and is aimed at a young(ish) audience. Then Ruth spoils it all by saying that the Welsh spoken in the north of Wales is a completely different language to that spoken in the south. That pissed me off as it's not true at all.

Then she goes on to say that people from the north don't consider south Walians as proper Welsh, "they call us Half-Taffs" she said. Now this is complete bollocks as well, for two reasons: Firstly, she's just regurgitating the Labour lie who like to split Wales north/south, welsh speaking/no-welsh speaking. And secondly, even if it were true these evil welsh speaking nashis certainly wouldn't refer to fellow countrymen (and women) as 'Taffs of all names - it's a derogatory term used by the English for Welsh people!

But to top this all off, Simon Rimmer goes on to say that he really enjoyes going out in Cardiff and Swansea, but "you have to be careful when going to pubs in north Wales". Careful of what exactly? He makes the place sound really sinister. I'd be interested to hear whar happened to him, or is he referring to the nasty local habit of speaking Welsh in pubs?

I've been spat at and threatened in Shrewsbury as my mate had a Wales hat (although this was on a footy match day v Wrecsam - not that it excuses the behavior) and I've had a glass bottle hurled at me in York (by a complete stranger from the other side of the street) but these are completely isolated incidents. I'd never go on national television and tell people to be careful when visiting England!

Am I over reacting?

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