Monday, September 10, 2007

'Word of Mouth' on Radio 4 discusses Bilingualism

I've not listened to Word of Mouth before (it's on too late for me), but tonight it discusses bilingualism:
Next programme

Michael examines the language situation in Wales, Northern Ireland and Canada, and looks at the different ways in which laws can be used to protect minority languages.

Word Of Mouth this week looks at bilingualism. What exactly is meant by a bilingual society? And how do you create one?
This sound like it's going to be really interesting, although I'm not sure what kind of constructive contribution there's going to be from Wales' 'representative'!
The contributors are Rob Dunbar (Does legislation help?), Professor Dennis Baron (A bilingual USA), the Official Languages Commissioner of Canada Graham Fraser, Janet Muller (A bilingual Northern Ireland), and Chris Bryant (A bilingual Wales).
Oh well. But the question of "what is meant by a bilingual society" is one I often ask myself. Of course I have an idea in my head of what it is/could/should be, but what do others think? And do people who speak more than one language think differently about it to one's who only speak one?

Thanks to Nic (via Pat) for the link.

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Anonymous Des said...

Madainn mhath Rhys
Sorry to jump in off topic but perhaps you might be interested in this 30 min vid now on line.
'Cuairt nam Blog', looking at how the international community of Gaelic learners use blogs and other net resources to keep in too with each other.


9/16/2007 11:31 am  
Blogger Rhys Wynne said...

Cheers for that, always interested in hearing about stuff like this. I've posted about it on my Welsh blog and will do so here later. Did you know that you can embed Google videos into blog posts?

9/17/2007 11:50 am  
Blogger Graisg said...

Tapaidh leat Rhys,
I'll content myself with a link this time but I've come across some other interesting stuff I will put up soon.


9/17/2007 4:06 pm  
Blogger Graisg said...

PS I would recommend that you listen to Rob Dunbar any time you get a chance, his knowledge of minority language issues is extensive.

9/17/2007 4:08 pm  
Blogger Flo Fflach said...

Well I've heard that if someone learns two languages very young, not only are they able to learn others more easily but they are more ready to accept difference -- they already know that there are at least 2 ways of saying one thing. A visit to quebec is interesting. Some people really are totaly bilingual, neither french nor english comes first. I would love to know how differently one might think in different languages, but I struggle with them. Welsh is my best try so far, ond sa i'n ymarfer digon

10/08/2007 8:42 pm  

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