Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Welsh Blog Awards 2007

Just realised I've not blogged about the Welsh Blog Awards. Sanddef has organised the competition where people vote for their favorite Blogs from or about Wales. I'm not a huge fan of such awards, but it's certainly an opportunity to introduce people to new blogs. I think anyone can vote (or maybe it's restricted to bloggers, I'm not too sure), but if you do want to vote, you must cast a vote for each category. Voting closes Saturday the 8th of September.

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Blogger Netty said...

Have you seen this:

9/05/2007 10:29 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yes, anyone can vote by emailing their votes to me at ordovicius(at)gmail(dot)com

9/05/2007 10:45 am  
Blogger Rhys Wynne said...

Diolch am y ddolen Netty (thanks for the link)

I studied German at uni 10 years ago and would like to start again. I did a language swap (Welsh/German) with one of my girfriends colleagues on Saturday in preparation for German visitors to Cardiff this weekend for the football.

Is that your blog? I tried to leave a reply, but can't see the 'Graphical Security Code' I'm supposed to enter.

Hope whoever writes the blog keeps it up so I can practice my German reading (and writing maybe).

Danka schon

9/05/2007 11:06 am  

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