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Want rid of the monarchy? I should have known better

A freind of mine left his copy of the Western Mail in the back of my car on Saturday, and as it was recycling day in our house today, I put it in the green bag. But for some silly reason, and I don't know why, but I had to look at the letter's page, something both my doctor and therapist have advised my agins on many times. I wasn't dissapointed:
Monarchy abolition would spell disaster
Sir - The people of the Principality have a right to know why Plaid Cymru's policy on the Monarchy would be such a disaster for them and for the future of Wales.

1. Places that get rid of Monarchy usually end up as economic or political basket cases. Monarchy is then quickly restored to regain sanity and peace.

2. Last year The Prince of Wales raised more than £110m for charity. Can anyone in their right mind see a Welsh politician or president doing the same?

3. Our Prince is a constant and reliable visionary. He set up The Prince's Trust to help the young. He saw the abandoned and acted - unlike politicians.

4. By not speaking Welsh regularly our Prince is more representative than many of these politicians. Seventy-five percent of people in Wales do not use the Welsh language.

5. Politicians serve factional interests. Impartial royalty unites us all by being above the political riffraff who tend to be two-faced back stabbers.

Why surrender these benefits to the untrustworthy practitioners of petty party politics in Wales?

Leader, Monarchy Wales
I'd like to know two things
1. What's Plaid Cymru's actual policy towards the Monarchy, does anyone know?
2. Is this man in his right mind?

By googling Monarchy Wales I found their website. I got the answers to both questions:
1. Plaid Cymru want Carlo to be the last Prince of Wales
2. No

I got this information from their Archives page, which claims, (among other things) that Plaid Cymru's policy towards the monarchy is what's responsible for their recent poor showing in the polls:
On Tuesday August 29th an opinion poll suggested that support for Plaid Cymru had fallen since they resurrected their policy of a referendum on the Monarchy. Plaid Cymru's poll ratings fell by 4% in the latest YouGov survey with the main beneficiary being the Conservatives who were up 5% overall. Labour was down 3% whilst the Liberal Democrats were also down by 4%.
This section really shows what kind of fool this man really is, as he reads the content of the Doomsday Book and notices:
The Book, seen by less than 1% of the population until now, was commissioned by the King in 1085 when he was the sole landowner within his new Kingdom. The documentation reveals that great swathes of modern Wales were under his control, including Monmouthshire and Gwent, and significant parts of Powys, Clwyd and Gwynedd. Interestingly these places are officially registered as being within England...
Really, is that so, how wierd! The idiot even celebrates the fact that a group of people were unsuccesful in their bid to buy land at Bryn Glas to remeber a battle were Owain's army beat Edmund Mortimer army. He finished with
However, the campaigners were forced to admit that they had not received any replies and that their plan, like that of Glyndwr, had ultimately failed.
What a twat


Blogger Wynne Jones said...

Ah, a disillusioned cymraeg-bashing Jack trying desperately to cling onto the last withering threads of Britishness. Even the English don't flag the Union Kack any more. Twat indeed.

9/06/2006 10:13 pm  
Anonymous Owen Rhys said...

Neil Welton is a complete and utter nutcase. I've heard him on the radio and seen him on the television a few times. He is a right public school toff - a cross between Tony Blair and David Cameron. He is quite well known in Cardiff. He is so far up his own backside, and that of royalty, I'm surprised he can still breathe. Trouble is he really believes that Wales should kow tow to England and that we should all kneel down in the dust before Prince William. Never! Never! Never! We will NEVER kneel again before England's ruling classes.

9/07/2006 2:45 am  
Anonymous bronchitikat said...

Oh dear. Pity the poor English, blamed for everything - as if none of what goes wrong, or has gone wrong, in Wales, is anything at all to do with the Welsh!

Meanwhile I'd point you at a blog I wrote some time back about the superiority of Monarchy (particularly Constitutional Monarchy) over Politicians any day except that I can't remember which it was - some time back in June, near hER Maj's official Birthday I think, should you want to look.

Merely to point out that those bred to the job, & with a sense of duty also bred into them, do it far better - & for the long term than those their for their own aggandisement who see no further than winning the next election!

BTW - I'm fully in support of the Union Flag, just a pity there isn't a Welsh bit on it!

9/09/2006 9:52 am  
Blogger Rhys Wynne said...

Nobody's blaming the English here for all of Wales' ills, just pointing out the inappropriate-ness [sp?] of the Englsih monarchy inn Wales (on the UK come to that).

I'd be interesting to read your piece about the Monarchy's superiority over elected representatives. I don't know when her birthday is to go looking for it myself sorry ;-)

9/09/2006 6:54 pm  
Anonymous bronchitikat said...

Official Birthday 2nd June - so sometime around then. I think.

9/11/2006 9:01 am  
Anonymous bronchitikat said...

Hah! & having searched all through back Journals for April to Aug I finally run (part of) it down in March!

9/11/2006 5:10 pm  
Blogger Rhys Wynne said...

I'd found that earlier by typing bronchitikat+monarchy in google.

I must say it sounds worryingly similar to Neil Waton's letter - maybe it's a generational thing ;-)

You've managed to point out a good few tin-pot dictators there, but they are thankfully execeptions. I won't comment too much on ex-colonies as I don't know much about the history of Africa or Asia.

I am quite familiar with the Republic of Ireland and France as the two nearest states to the UK. They've manaaged quite well since Independence/Democracy.

I'm not entirely sure what the present queen or any other royal would do/could if, god forbid the uk prime minister was hell bent on taking us to war against the will of the people or wanted us all to carry ID cards. When Charlie made comments about current issues, he's told he shouldn't as his a member of the royal family - so what's the point in them?

9/11/2006 5:28 pm  
Anonymous bronchitikat said...

Maybe it is a generational thing, maybe not.

The POINT is that monarchs know they are in it for life & so can think about doing things long term, or maybe which might come to fruition when one of their grandchildren is reigning.

Besides which, the Queen has seen at least 10 PMs, & their policies, through. On the off chance that a PM might actually want advice . . . What price experience?

Politicians, however, rarely look beyond the next election, preferably to win that. & everyone, or everyone who's tried to raise children at least, knows that what is good for the long term & what will please people short term (thus getting them reelected) are often mutually exclusive.

eg: we want a decent, one tier, NHS. But we also want tax cuts.

So the politicians appeal to our immediate greed & give us tax cuts. & the NHS is in the state it is in now, or worse. After all, richer people can afford BUPA - which leaves the rest of us with a crap NHS.

As for what could the Queen do if a PM had the backing of the army? I dunno.

9/14/2006 10:36 am  

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