Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Not on my (la)neli

If you want to know how not to pronounce Llanelli, call the town's Focus DIY store on 0844 8001504, listen to the lady on the automated message miss-pronounce the name and then laugh/cry.

If only they'd consulted the how do I say....? website


Anonymous Bronchitikat said...

I am reminded of the time my husband and I were travelling on a train along the south coast of Wales. We overheard the following conversation between a nearby couple:-
She: Where are we?

He: (looking out at station nameboard) Lanelly.

Us:*Raise eyebrows & grin, but quietly!*

7/27/2006 9:28 am  
Blogger Cadalach said...

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

7/30/2006 9:14 pm  
Blogger Cadalach said...

Oh dear, she didn't even make the slightest effort :-(

7/30/2006 9:15 pm  
Blogger Rhys Wynne said...

Apparently the Llanelli branch of Focus Do it All no longer exists - maybe this is why!

7/31/2006 9:15 am  
Blogger Cadalach said...

Well it's as good a reason as any for a business to fail...

The woman on the phone sounded quite bored with her lot anyway -- perhaps she'd spent all morning mangling the names of places all across the country? Have you tried phoning some other branches?

7/31/2006 2:11 pm  
Blogger Gareth said...

o dear. at least it made me smile more than it made me cry.

8/10/2006 9:35 pm  

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