Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Welsh for a week eating challenge!

Nothing to do with Welsh in a Week or The Big Welsh Challenge, but a week long series on BBC Wales called Eat Welsh for a Week means the reporter Hywel Griffiths and a young family from the Vale of Glamorgan can only eat food from Wales for a week.

It's a good idea for a series in my opinion, if I'd known about it earlier it could have been fun joining in and doing the same - of course I could do this any time, just that you need to prepare for it a little in advance. I think that the folowing will become obvious:
  1. We'll have to do without certain things as they can't be grown/produced in Wales (mainly due to climate)
  2. That a surprising amount of food is available from Wales with a little effort put in looking for it
There's a link to Hywel Griffiths' diary, and Day 1 starts badly as Hywel likes a banana and a cup of coffee for breakfast!

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