Monday, January 30, 2006

Demand for 'ethical' clothing on the increase

I feel like Huw Edwards, after appearing on programmes such as Sgorio (great site), Hacio and many others whose titles don't end with -io on S4C, I today appeared on BBC Breakfast. I wasn't invited to give my important opinions, but instead I was...a model! There's hope for you all.

I've previously blogged (in Welsh) about the Oyster shop in Cardiff, and this morning there was a correspondent for BBC Breakfast broadcasting from the shop to coincide with an item about Marks & Spencers introducing fair trade clothing. The company (M&S that is) hasn't been doing well in recent editions of The Good Shopping Guide, but hopefully it's more than an attempt at Greenwashing, indeed the feedback from it's customers has shown that the public are concerend about where the products they buy come from.
Meanwhile, a survey commissioned by M&S showed almost a third of shoppers had put clothes back on the rails amid concerns about their origins.

It also found 78% of shoppers wanted to know more about the way clothes were made, including use of chemicals and conditions in factories producing the goods.

On the food front, one in five shoppers had left goods on the shelves as a result of concerns about where they had come from or how it was made, the poll discovered.

Anyways, it was excellent publicity for Oyster, it's a nice small friendly shop in the centre of Cardiff. They've just started selling trainers, which is good news for me - maybe I can persuade them to stock New Balance, whose trainers are made in the UK.

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Anonymous Bronchitikat said...

Good for M&S, though time was when one could more or less guarantee that their clothes were made in the UK. As you say, hope it's not just greenwashing.

BTW - have you come across Siopa Teg aka "Fair Do's"? Another small shop in Cardiff stocking FT goods - foodstuffs, craft goods & clothing. I got a great jacket there a couple of years back.

1/31/2006 8:19 am  
Blogger Rhys Wynne said...

That's right, I'd much rather buy clothes made in the UK than have to worry about whether colthing made the other side of the world is made fairly. There used to be a factory in my hometown of Denbigh making clothes for M&S when I was younger.

I regularly shop in Siopa Teg, that's where I buy my tea, coffee, sugar OJ etc. A great little shop.

1/31/2006 9:30 am  
Anonymous Emma Reese said...

You look quite smashing, Rhys. What about working part time modeling?

2/08/2006 3:34 pm  
Blogger Rhys Wynne said...

You look quite smashing, Rhys. What about working part time modeling?

Sales of fair trade goods are quite fragile at the moment, best not scare customers off!

Something wierd is happening with the posts, as I had an e-mail notifaction of another posting which isn't visable by someone from California commenting on her experiences trying to shop ethically .

2/08/2006 3:41 pm  
Blogger Rhys Wynne said...

comment test

2/10/2006 4:08 pm  

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