Monday, September 19, 2005

Wrexham fans protest in Woking

Before the away match in London against Leyton Orient on Saturday, 150 Wrexham fans went to Woking to march and protest outside the offices of Andy Smith and his company UPA, who want to buy Wrexham FC. No one's really sure what Andy Smith's intentions are, but one thing's obvious is that he doesn't have the cash, and some believe that he's part of a scheme by the present owner Alex Hamilton to stall things and prevent other buyers from coming in and providing the club with stability. A local business man (Neville Dickens) with links to the club, and the Supporters Trust are ready to take ownership of the club, but Alex Hamilton would rather see the club disappear so that he can develop the land.
A spokesperson for the fans said::
"There is an offer on the table from the Moss/Dickens consortium which all Wrexham fans are backing, however Hamilton is unlikely to take that offer whilst UPA is offering silly money that they don't seem to have. We do not know what UPAs plans are but they seem incapable of finding backers willing to fund the deal for them. They are currently 3 months into a 3 week lockout agreement with Hamilton and that tells you all you need to know about UPA and Andy Smith. We will not accept any deal that does not put the club first."

Story on BBC Wales, Red Passion a Times Online

of the march and protest (by SE18)

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