Monday, September 05, 2005

Love Thy Neighbor

As much as I enjoyed the visit from our neighbors on Saturday, I would'nt like to share a football team with them. While the Scottish F.A. have stated clearly they want nothing to do with a British team, the English F.A.'s director seems quite keen for it (no clear message from the F.A.W. surprise surprise). Thankfully not everyone in England is so enthusiastic about it and the Little Man in Toque has made an excellent poster and started to gather names aginst the plan on his blog. In a comment on this blog he urges co-operation between Welsh, English and Scottish fans. Why not copy the image below onto your blog and link to his petition.

Alfie the Ok raises a good point and reminds David Taylor of the English F.A. that he's actually employed to guard the interest of English football and nothing else.

Edited: It should be David Taylor not David Davies (although I'm sure both share the same vision)!

A good article from a Scottish perspective in the Sunday Herald, but the points are just as relevant for Wales.


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