Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Chief of TF1, condemns France for Breton cultural genocide

O Eurolang
On September 1st Patrick le Lay, the Breton chief of France’s main TV channel TF1, hit the French headlines following a frank interview with 'Bretons' magazine. In the interview he denounces the French government’s cultural genocide of the Breton people, jacobinist centralist policies, and how in France he feels that he is a foreigner.

From what I see, the French state is very hypocritical in the way it treat's it's minority languages, but trying to maintain an image of taking pride in it's linguistic diversity.
The rection of the press is dissapointing, but I can imagine that it would be the same in Britain with the London based media if a Welshman voiced the something similar.
Since the news broke most of the French press, TV and radio have covered the story, many aiming to laugh off the matter. Liberation described le Lay as getting "too much sunburn this summer", l’Express said that he had " lost his mind", le Monde said the at least he had a "strong sense of humour". However, the press failed to discuss the real issues affecting Breton language and culture, one Breton political commentator commented that le Lay is merely stating what Bretons know already.


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