Tuesday, May 15, 2007

..to create the holiday home by the sea you have always sought

Neil took a photo of flats being advertised in an estate agents window in West Kirby.

They were for £250,000, and not actually on the Wirral in north west England itself (as you'd expect), but 98 miles away in Pwllheli, north Wales.

Here's how they're described on the website:
A visit to 'Tywod Arian' will be enough to convince you ; not only will you discover apartments of distinction and quality, you'll find surroundings which will irresistibly invite you to create the holiday home by the sea you have always sought.
Now, you'll always have properties in any area that are going to be more expensive than others, which inevitably means that only certain people will be able to afford them, but it seems this development was built solely for the second home market. I think it's quite sad. How must young families in the area feel when something like this is built, and they can't afford their own first home?

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