Monday, December 18, 2006

Radio Luxembourg + others, near Mold: 22.12.06


Welsh (language) gigs don't happen very often in north east Wales, and when they do, I'm either not there, or Bryn Fôn features in the line-up.

This time, it's my favourite band Radio Luxembourg that'll be performing (along with Derwyddon Dr Gonzo, Mr Huw and Llan Clan). The gig is at the Mercia Inn pub, Mynydd Isa, near Mold, and I'll be there.

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Blogger Martin Davies said...

The site's finally up in Welsh, Rhys (the 'Cymraeg' button should work). I'm at that fatigued stage of hoping everyone approves but I can handle criticism too. Go well, M

12/20/2006 2:41 pm  
Blogger Martin Davies said...

I've responded to your comments, thanks a lot for your thoughts. Does Blogger let you know that?

12/20/2006 5:26 pm  
Blogger Rhys Wynne said...

No, sadly Blogger only lets you know when someones commented on your own blog, but doesnt let you know when someone's replied to yur comments on other blogs. - I'll pop over and read it now!

12/21/2006 12:47 pm  

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