Thursday, November 30, 2006

Cilmeri 2006

I've never been to Cilmeri myself, maybe this year will be the first time. Here's a translated message from maes-e.


10.30 Meet outside the Prince Llywelyn pub and travel by car to Llanynys Church for Memorial Service (11.15)

12.30 Return to the pub for lunch

2.30 Llywelyn March and Rally at the Memorial Stone

5.00 Noson Lawen at the pub with traditional session music and then to the Church Hall.

(£5 each if you want to kip over in Cilmeri Village Hall - bring your sleeping bags)


10.00 Builth Wells Golf Club. Place a wreath in memory of Llywelyn and his army, who were dis-armed and then killed at the exact spot in 1282.

11.00 Aberedw Castle - a guided walk and talk around the castle

1.00 Cwm Hir Abbey. Service at Abbey; lecture and refreshments at Phillips Hall afterwards.

Come with friends, with families, with pride. Wear ivy and don't forget waterproof shoes! If yoiu've not been in the past, now is your chance.

I didn't go again this year, but there's some great photo's here.

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Blogger Martin Davies said...

How was Cilmeri? Did you go? I was tempted but I'm uncomfortable with celebrating monarchy (or the loss thereof) and my Welsh is not up to examination yet. Do they still do the paramilitary marching business?

12/20/2006 2:48 pm  
Blogger Rhys Wynne said...

No I didn't (see edit at the bottom of post ;-) )

With regards to monarchy, I don't hink it's monarchy that's being celebrated, but remebrance of a leader and his army who died defnding their country - whether or not an independent Wales would have maintianed it's Princes until now will don't know.
Looking at the photo's (see link at the end of the post), some were dressed in what could be described as paramilitary nuiforms, but accoding to the caption on Flickr, these were to reprsent the 18 soldiers who protested Llywelyn.

How abour St David's day march/parade through Cardiff, will you make that? We could meet for a pint before/afterwards maybe? I'm thinking of sending out an invite to other patriotic bloggers I've found on the net in the last 12 months.

12/20/2006 4:27 pm  

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