Friday, November 10, 2006

Don't you know who I am?

Luistxo think's I've become a local celebrity following my translation of Tagzania into Welsh (even if i did manage to completly miss-type his name), but little does he know that I'm already a celeb (of sorts).

According to my English girfriend's aunty, her Canadian daughter's Irish husband saw me on TV in Ireland recently, taking part in a pub quiz. Around two years ago Acen invited me to take part in a Welsh pub quiz, as a camera crew from Globe Trekker wanted to see something 'unique'. It was a good opportunity for me to promote Dysgwyr De Ddwyrain which I'd only just started.
I don't remember much about the quiz, only that Geraint was on my team, that we had free drinks and that the quiz-mistress Jenny Ogwen was rather pissed.

Also a few weeks ago, there was an answerphone message on my mobile from a researcher for Eye on Wales, wanting to talk to me about this blog. I phoned her back, thinking that this was going to be my big break..only to find that all she wanted was another blogger's phone number - I feel used! :-)

(according to Chris, the programme about blogging is on Radio Wales tonight)

A well, who want's to be on Radio Wales on a show about 'What is a blog?', I much prefer being mentioned (I think) on a serious techie programme on Gaeilge radio.


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Blogger Martin Davies said...

I know who are are now, Rhys! Thanks for your comment on my blog. The 'Cymraeg' button will work in the next few days when the Welsh language version is finished. Sadly I can't write it myself and the translation has taken much longer than planned - but it's nearly there.

Please take a look at for my other blog if you have a moment sometime.


11/28/2006 2:32 pm  

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