Monday, November 13, 2006

Wales v Liechtenstein (at Wrexham 14.11.06)

It was a bad start to my journey up north with the car not starting this morning, but after pushing it to a local garage, it turns out that all that's needed is to replace a few plugs (phew!)

Although it's only a friendly against not very glamorous opppostion, I'm really looking forward to watching Wales and being able to stand on the Kop. The deathly atmospher at the Millstad is enough to put someone off watching football for life.

Tickets have been priced very reasonably, and I belive you can pay on the gate (but check in advance). I'm meeting a few people at the Lager Club beforehand, say helo (to the one with his arms crossed) if you're about .

(Hope I've got the right venue and don't believe everything you read in the Sunday Times - what a cheek, the Racecourse is far from dilapidated!)


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