Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Having a bit of a Legofest

In case you're missing out, I'm having a bit of a Lego fest over at my Welsh language blog. This all stemmed from seeing a Lego model at friends' house recently and wanting to re-create the exact model myself - which I know is stored away somewhere at my parents house.

1st post is about wonderfull (and strange) Lego inspired groups on Fickr and some links to fan sites. (I also found a link to builing instructions for the exact model mentioned pictured in the post)

2nd post is a YouTube video of a Lego rave (that's just silly, I know)

3rd post is a link to a Lego fan from Cardiff who's built a really cool replica of the Tannery from Sain Ffagan (where I used to work years ago).

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