Saturday, October 21, 2006

Wales - World Nation blog

I recieved an e-mail from Jeff Rees, asking how to get (rather than if he could have) a link from this blog to his. He certainly went about it the right way, refering to me as you are a leading figure in blogging in Wales ..!

Once I'd stopped laughing, I went to visit Wales - World Nation, and found it to be a good 'un. On it, there are numerous posts about things happening in Wales politically, but also Jeff links to stories about political and linguistic matters from other countries that could be relevant to our situation here in Wales.

A good example is the post about the setting up of Elebide in the Basque Country. The main purpose of Elebide is to protect and promote the lingustic rights of the citizens of the Basque Country, particularly when dealing with the public sector. A good model for Wales?

Back to Jeff's blog. It's part of the Western Mail blog network. Does anyone read any of these? The paper is following the example of other newspapers, but I'm of the opinion that WM readers are less likely to be blog readers compared to people who read the Guardian. Not that this is a reason not to have blogs, but are these bloggers in danger of not blogging and there not being an audience for them?


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