Friday, December 10, 2004


There’s nothing like a good conspiracy theory. Elfyn Llwyd MP has suggested UK security services were involved in some arson attacks blamed on Welsh fire bombers in the late 80’s and early 90’s.
Here’s also an interesting article about the fire-bombing campaign an lack of police success by Alwyn Gruffydd in the Daily Post. I can’t help laughing about the ‘arrest of Wali Thomas’:

The efforts at catching the arsonists became high farce in 1990 when detectives raided the home of singer and actor Bryn Fôn [and arrested him], who had recorded a popular song denigrating the police's lack of success in halting the campaign.
A cast member of S4C football sitcom C'mon Midffild , the whole scenario became even more bizarre when fellow cast member Mei Jones was also arrested, along with another actor, Dyfed Thomas. "In the public's eyes, it wasn't Mei Jones the actor who was arrested, but Wali Tomos [village idiot of fictitious village of Bryncoch] the linesman," adds Gruffydd..
"Reality and C'mon Midffild got all mixed up. The officer arresting Bryn Fôn told him that Bryncoch would have to find a new goalie, so even the policemen were getting confused!"

Picture of Wali Thomas, ‘Wales’ most wanted’!

A good point he raises is
With MI5 and other branches of the secret services drafted in to help catch those responsible, the game moved up a dangerous gear as whole communities of Welsh speakers suddenly came under surveillance.
It engendered a mistrust between the public and the police which some believe is still evident today in North Wales Police's admitted difficulties in recruiting Welsh speakers.


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