Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Welsh version of Facebook officialy completed.

I had a message the other day informing me that the Welsh translation of Facebook is now complete (see screen shot). I'm not a massive Facebook fan, but I wanted to be 'down with the kids', so had to have an account. The first group I joined on Facebook was 'Facebook Cymraeg? Welsh Language Facebook?'. There's around 3,000+ members in that group, and when I heard that Welsh was one of the languages to be opened for translation, I though "I bet the fuckers think nothing of joining the group, but how may will actually help with the Welsh translation?".

Well 914 in fact, which totally surpised me.

The proses is quite drawn out. There's nearly 20,000 threads/phrase to translate for starters - some can be a word or two long, while some could be one or two sentances long. Once a certain amount of strings had suggestions for them, there was a next stage where each phrase had to be voted up or down.

Even if Facebook is a pile of shit really, it has certianly contibuted to the future of on-line collaboration of websites and software (I hope!). This will have been the first time that the vast majority have taken part in such a task, and hopefully they will have had a taste for it and will be prepared to do the same in the future things like OpenOffice or Firefox or WordPress or....... are updated.

I never thougt I'd say this, but diolch Facebook.



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