Monday, October 17, 2005

Clever campaigning in Brittany

Parents who have been campaigning for the appointment of a Breton speaking teacher have run a Teleathon, after the education authority refused to fund the post at Lorient Merville school. This recieved a lot of coverage on the internet and led to a u-turn by the authorities.

During the campaign, parents occupied part of the school and taught the children themselves. The authorities refused to nagotiate with them unless the following four points were met:

1) The parents had to vacate the building
2) The Breton flag had to be lowered (as it's considered an 'overt' symbol whatever that means!)
3) The children had to remove badges which said Me a gomz brezhoneg (I speak Breton)
4) No one was to speak to the media

The actions of the French authorities are disgraceful!

More about the above on Eurolang archives(PDF)

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